Things you need to know before getting a bearded dragon

What you need to know about bearded dragons before you get one.

  1. The food, you need to know what they eat. They will eat veggies, you can search what vegetables and fruits they can and can’t eat. Most of the time you have to cut these into smaller pieces and put them in a little food bowl.
  1. Alive food. You need to make sure you are not afraid of these insects. The insect that they can eat are crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms, super worms and they also eat cockroaches. These are their main food. Not just feed them one of these but switch around. Always make sure they have veggies in their bowl.
  2. NEVER FEED THEM INSECTS YOU FOUND IN YOUR GARDEN. This is because these insects could have viruses. When your beardie eats one of these there is a chance they could get sick or die. When you buy them at your local pet shop they will not have anything because they get checked a lot before they get into that box and get sold.
  3. Sleep. They need more sleep then we need. They need more than 10 hours of sleep. Mine sleeps over 12 hours.
  4. The Terrarium. You need to have a terrarium set up and ready to go before you get your beardie. When you get a full grown beardie it should be at least 1 meter (3,2 feet) long. When you want a spoiled little brat (like mine) get them a bigger cage. I have a 1,20 meter (3,9 feet). If you get 2 beardies 1,20 meters would be good. Of course for the really really REAAAALLLYYYY spoiled beardies get them even bigger, like 2 meters (6,5 feet) but this is not needed. If you have more than 2 then 2 meters is good. Having more than 2 beardies is hard tho
  5. Males and females. Never and I mean NEVER put 2 male bearded dragons together. Unless when they just got born and you don’t have more space. In the wild, they normally live alone or a male with 1 or more females. This is because they are very territorial. This means that if there is another bearded dragon in their space (territory) they will try to defend their territory. Most of the time they fight and the one who gives up loses and the winner gets the territory. Two beardies fighting
  6. The atmosphere. Where ever he is it needs to be chill and quiet. If there is a lot of screaming and fighting and not a nice atmosphere they can get stressed and always be angry

These were somethings you need to know before getting a lizard. There are more and this is a good cite.

One thought on “Things you need to know before getting a bearded dragon

  1. What a lovely blog, Julian!

    Mrs T. let me know that yours was the blog voted best in the class, so I will be putting it on my blog this Thursday. I will accompany it with one of your pictures of Bolt, if that’s OK with you.


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